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ISBN-10: 0-87998-008-7
Editors: Roger W. Libby and Robert N. Whitehurst
Title: Renovating Marriage
Subtitle: Toward New Sexual Life=Styles
Language: English
Place of Publication: Danville, CA
Publisher: Consensus Publishers, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1973
Format: 149x230mm
Pages: 366
Cover Design: John Bookout
Binding: paperback in duotone printed wrappers
Weight: 543gr.
Original Price: N/A
Entry No.: 2014002
Entry Date: 20th January 2014


[3] Roger W. Libby, Introduction
[19] Robert T. and Anna K. Francoeur, Hot and Cool Sex: Fidelity in Marriage
[38] Robert N. Whitehurst, The Monogamous Ideal and Sexual Realities
[48] John McMurtry, Monogamy: A Critique
[59] Rustum and Della Roy, Is Monogamy Outdated?[75] Jessie Bernard, Infidelity: Some Moral and Social Issues
[95] Gordon Clanton, The Contemporary Experience of Adultery: Bon and Carol adn Updike and Rimmer
[116] Roger W. Libby, Extramarital and Co-marital Sex: A Review of the Literature
[146] Brian G. Gilmartin adn Dave V. Kusisto, Some Personal and Social Characteristics of Mate-Sharing Swingers
[166] Charles A. Varni, Contexts of Conversion: The Case of Swinging
[182] Larry L. and Joan M. Constantine, Sexual Aspects of Group Marriage
[192[ Mervyn Millar, Apollonians and Dionysians: Some Imrpessions of Sex in the Counter-Culture
[211] Pepper Schwartz, Female Sexuality and Monogamy
[227] Ronald Mazur, The Double Standard and People;s Liberation
[240] Russell Ford, Group Sex and Sexually Free Marriages
[254] Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Lesbian/Woman
[269] Robert N. Whitehurst, Youth Views Marriage: Some Comparisons of Two Generation attitudes of University Students
[280] Mervin White and Carolyn Wells, Student Attitudes Toward Alternate Marriage Forms
[296] John S. Kafka and Robert G. Ryder, Note on Marriages in the Counter-Culture
[309] Robert N. Whitehurst, Changing Ground Rules and Emergent Life-Styles
[321] Ronald Mazur, Beyond Jealousy and Possessiveness
[332] Robert H. Rimmer, Being In Bed Naked with You is the Most Important Thing in My Life
[345] Lonny Myers, Marriage, Honesty, and Personal Growth (Reflections on upper-middle-class urban marriages)
[361] Roger W. Libby, Epilogue

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