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ISBN-10: 0-517-518791
Writer: Tom Hatfield
Title: Sandstone Experience
Introduction: Robert Rimmer
Preface: Tom Hatfield
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1975
Format: 153x231mm
Pages: 184
Illustrations: 12 single colour by Tom Hatfield
Jacket Design: George Hornby
Binding: cloth spine and boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 572gr.
Original Price: USD6.95
Entry No.: 2013031
Entry Date: 26 th September 2013


One of the most daring and controversial experiments in the movement toward open sexuality, Sandstone-a retreat  in the California mountains – has long been  the subject of much conjecture and speculation. Now, in SANDSTONE EXPERIENCE, Tom Hatfield, the resident manager and the first member of the permanent inner “family” to write about his experiences, reveals the facts of what went on in this much-misunderstood community where nudity and sexual sharing were part of daily life.

The author vividly describes the rare excitement generated by the diverse, well-educated, and creative population of Sandstone, including eminent representatives of the creative arts and professions. A thorough screening process eliminated those looking for cheap thrills, restricting guests and members to an intellectually aware group of adults willing to probe society’s strictures on our minds and bodies and eager to share their liberating discoveries with others ready to set aside limiting boundaries. Sandstone’s novel approach to intepersona; relationships created an environment that dispelled many conventional illusions about marriage, jealousy, and masculine and feminine stereotypes.

Tom Hatfield explains how the release of sexual tension functions to free our psychic energy for our own  inner development and discusses the rationale behind nudity, “recreational” sex, and group sex. He traces his first involvement with Sandstone, his relationship with the other members of the nuclear “family,” his growth within its walls, and his final commitment to its philosophy. The reader is introduced to many of the fascinating people who participated in Sandstone’s wide range of activities and who represent all facets of emotional and physical inclination.

As Robert Rimmer, author  of The Harrad Experiment, says of the book in his introduction: “In my opinion, it’s an important sociological document. As you read this book, you can discover the parameters of your own morality.”

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