Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Writer: Richard Lewinsohn
Title: A History of Sexual Customs
Translator: Alexander Mayce from the German
Language: English
Edition: First Premier Printing

Place of Publication: Greenwich, Conn.
Publisher: Fawcett Publications, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1961
Format: 107x180mm (trimmed)
Pages: 384 printed on newsprιntBinding: Paperback in colour printed covers
Original Price: USD 0.50
Weight: 212gr.
Entry No.: 2013013
Entry Date: 8th Mayl 2013


“Since social attitudes and legal practice in the sexual sphere have a great deal to do with human happiness, it is hoped that many proper people will permit themselves a look A HISTORY OF SEXUAL CUSTOMS. It is a competent book, written by a man who is at once physician and historian. There is no hidden bias, no gloating or drooling over sexual deviation. The writer seems a sensible person whose only concern is that human beings shall be informed about the endless effort of society to cope with the sexual urge.”

The New York Times

John Dollard, Professor of Psychology and Fellow of Berkeley College at Yale

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