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ISBN-10: 0-8018-1578-9
Editors: James R. Smith & Lynn G. Smith
Title: Beyond Monogamy
Subtitle: Recent Studies of Sexual Alternatives in Marriage
Language: English

Place of Publication: Baltimore &London

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Year of Publication: 1974
Format: 140x233mm
Pages: xi+336
Binding: cloth in laminated duotone illustrated wrappers

Original Price: USD 3.95
Weight: 616gr.
Entry No.: 2013010
Entry Date: 23rd April 2013


Marriage has always and everywhere been a commitment to some combination of socioeconomic and sexual roles with identifiable boundaries. In this volume, recent changes in these roles and boundaries are subjected to serious examination by social and clinical psychologists, anthropologists, family sociologists, biologists, and social theorists
among them  such well-known writers as Nena and George O'Neill, Alex Comfort, Jessie Bernard, and Albert Ellis.

Beyond Monogamy is a collection of sixteen articles and research reports whose contributors seek understanding of relatively new patterns and styles of marriage, including: co-marital sex, group marriage, "swinging," and related sexual practices. By bringing a variety of alternative marriage arrangements and experiments into clearer focus, they examine behavior that may constitute a further step in the evolution of interpersonal relationships. The contributors reinterpret this behavior in the light of current education and socialization practices, family processes, social dynamics, and marital ideologies. Beyond Monogamy is the first comprehensive collectionof scientific material devoted exclusively to the transfrormation and evolution of the sexual boundaries of contemporary marriage.

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