Wednesday, 2 January 2013


ISBN-13: 978-0-09-932490-4
Writer: Cynthia Heimel
Title: Sex Tips for Girls
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Arrow Books Limited
Year of Publication: 1986
Format: 108x193mm (trimmed)
Pages: 223 printed on newsprint
Binding: Paperback in colour printed wrappers
Original Price: GBP  2.50
Weight: 166gr.
Entry No.: 2012041
Entry Date: 2nd January 2013


These are the times that try a girl’s soul. Things have gone all weird in the world. Nobody can get a decent job, a good cigar, or a ssne boyfriend. Most of the rock-and-roll played on the radio is by dead people. ‘But what can I do aboit it?’ you ask. Read on…

It is time to shun the trivial (e.g tax shelters, home computer systems and designer sunglasses) and embrace the frivolous (e.g. drinking champagne, telling jokes and making love). It is time to give sex the respect it deserves. There are those who have been trying to take sex out of the realm of the frivolous and put it into the realm of the trivial. Those who think that romance is dead and that sex is just another biological function. But romance is not dead. Sex is important. Sex is profound. And sex is funny.


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