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ISBN-10: 0-398-03197-5
Writer: Warren R. Johnson
Sex Educations and Counseling of Special Groups
Subtitle: The Mentally and Physically Handicapped, Ill and Elderly

Language: English
Place of Publication: Springfield, IL
Publisher: Charles C. Thomas
Year of Publication: 1975
Format: 155x235mm
Pages: viii+213; Index, 211
Binding: Pink cloth in duotone dust jacket
Original Price: N/A
Weight: 599gr.
Entry No.: 2012039
Entry Date: 29th  November 2012


Sex education and counseling of special groups and of those serving them tends to be even more lacking than that available to other children, parents and professionals. Indeed, the sexuality of special group members has often been denied, rejected, ignored or actively fought against. As the rights and privileges of special groups have become increasingly recognized, questions to as tot heir legitimate sexual expressions and sexual rights and responsibilities have also been raised.

The purpose of this book is to deal directly with the sexuality of special groups and to provide guidelines for their sex education and counseling. It further intends to integrate the sexual education and cousneling of special groups into that of the public at large.

The first part of the book is concerned with such topics as: the nature of  special groups and their sexuality, possible approaches to the sexuality of special groups, the nature of normal sexuality, the danger of losing individuals behind group labels and precautions which shopuld be observed in sex education and cousneling in the area.

Part two, which is arranged in developmental sequence, is concerned with  specific sexual and sex-related behaviors. Discussions range from physical contact and closeness to nudity, masturbation, dating, sex play (homo- and heterosexual), sexual intercourse and sex without intercourse, paid sexual partners, homosexuality, marriage and parenthood. These discussions are viewed in the light of special group members' needs and problems and a distinction is made between recreational sex and procreational responsibility.

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