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ISBN-10: 0-87975-113-4
Editor: Vern L. Bullough
Title: The Frontiers of Sex Research
Language: English
Place of Publication: Buffalo, N.Y.
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Year of Publication: 1979
Format: 152x230mm (trimmed)
Pages: vi+190
Cover Design: Betsy Offerman
Binding: Paperback in duotone printed wrappers
Original Price: N/A
Weight: 328gr.
Entry No.: 2012021
Entry Date: 21st June 2012


The Age of Sexual Repression has given way to the Age of Sexual Enlightenment. Television, radio, movies, newspapers and magazines now find sex an acceptable and provocative topic of discussion. Issues such as contraception, abortion, premarital sex, homosexuality, normality, and adultery are openly discussed, not just by sexologists, counselors, and physicians, but by parents and their children, teachers, clergymen, and politicians as well. This new emphasis on sex has been termed the Sex Revolution.

The Frontiers of Sex Research reports on the progress of the Sex Revolution and discusses the most recent discoveries in the field of human sexuality. The articles are written by leading sexologists, sociologists, and psychologists, and other researchers in the sex field. Each author is a specialist in an important area of research. For example, John Money, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University and Hospital, has an article on eroticism and sexual hang-ups. There is a section on sex therapy written by Hartmann and Fithian, one of the pioneering sex therapy teams. The section on the physiology of sex and its implications is written by a physician specializing in sexual problems and his wife who is a psychiatric social worker. A surgeon who has done transsexual surgery describes what is happening in that field. Elizabeth Canfield discusses sexual normality, Lester Kirkendall discusses the aims and objectives in sexual research, and Vern Bullough focuses on psychiatry and the history of prostitution. Additionally, there are lively, personal accounts of transvestism and transsexuality. The essays are engaging as well as informative.

The Frontiers of Sex Research derives its value from the diversity of its authors’ views and should prove stimulating for anyone interested in exploring the realms of human sexuality.

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