Monday, 26 March 2012


ISBN-10: 0-87722-633-4
Writer: Edwin M. Schur
Title: The Americanization of Sex
Language: English
Place of Publication: Philadelphia
Publisher: Temple University Press
Year of Publication: 1988
Format: 139x229mm (trimmed)
Pages: xiv+229
Binding: Paperback in duotone printed wrappers
Original Price: N/A
Weight: 342gr.
Entry No.: 2012008
Entry Date: 26th March 2012


Covering some of the most controversial issues of our time, the author uses a combination of sociological, feminist, and Marxist perspectives to examine the specific features of American life that shape our sexual outlooks and behaviors. The author examines how our cultural priorities and social structures “organize” our sexuality and affect both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Arguing that sexual decency presupposes social decency, Schur determines that a meaningful sexual liberation will not be possible without basic sociocultural change.

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