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ISBN-10: 0-8314-0028-5
Editor: Herbert A. Otto
Title: The New Sexuality
Preface: Herbert A. Otto
Language: English
Place of Publication: Palo Alto, CA
Publisher: Science and Behavior Books, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1971
Format: 152x233mm
Pages: xiii+289; Appendix, Growth Centers, 273; Index, 283
Binding: Οlive cloth with black spine lettering in worn dust jacket
Weight: 640gr.
Original Price: USD 8.95
Entry No.: 2012001
Date of Entry: 3rd  January 2012


The sexual attitudes and behavior of Americans have been changing at a bewildering pace in the last decade. To shed some light on what is happening, psychologist Herbert A. Otto asked prominent specialists from a variety of professional fields to comment on th current sexual scene. In The New Sexuality he presents their replies.

What new sexual life-styles are young people experimenting with? Does sexual adventuring affect personality? What different meanings does sex have for men and for women? How can sex enrich marriage? Can the affair have some positive value? How will changing sex patterns affect the the individual’s well-being and society as a whole?

In The New Sexuality 24 qualified authorities tackle these and many more questions, each speaking on his area of knowledge and experience. Some authors support traditional sexual mores; others advocate experimentation and change. Sometimes their views conflict, reflecting the conflicts in our society, which pays l;ip service to a puritanical moral code yet blatantly exploits sex in advertising and entertainment. Contributors include Mary Calderone, Albert Ellis, Jessie Bernard, Bernard Gunther, David R. Mace, Harold Greenwald, O. Spurgeon English, Joel Fort, Eleanor Hamilton, and others.

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