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ISBN-13: 978-1-57392-678-2
Writer: Luke Ford
Title: ΑΑ Ηιστο
Subtitle: 100 Years of Sex in Films
Language: English
Place of Publication: Amherst, N.Y.
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Year of Publication: 1999
Format: 155x234mm
Pages:252; Bibliography, 235; Index, 243
Illustrations: 1 single colour of the writer on back flap by Stefan Valero
Cover design: Emily Egan
Binding: Black boards in colour dust jacket
Weight: 604gr.
Original Price: N/A
Entry No.: 2011009
Entry Date: 6th April  2011


This in-depth, comprehensive history of cinematic pornography is the first book of an y kind to detail sex in film. It probes the earliest attempts of a century ago and chronicles the proliferation of porn to the present, concentrating on the last quarter-century since the legendary Deep Throat, when porn penetrated popular culture.

Luke Ford is the best-known source on the contemporary world of pornography –the only journalist writing about the industry, yet not employed by the industry. It is this unique position that gives Ford the objectivity he needs to successfully complete a project t such as this.

Bold and compelling, A History of X takes readers on a delicious romp through the back rooms and film studios of the fascinating array of characters who gave porn its start in the 1900s as a dring and risqué attempt at sexual freedom, and explains how it transformed into the closed-door, multi-million-dollar corporate film machine that operates today.

Tracing the origins of pornography to novels written in the 1650s, Ford follows the progression of the genre, providing a close examination of the themes that still trigger male arousal today, and the films that celebrate them: adultery, lesbianism, bondage, and group sex, to name just a few.

Relying on extensive interviews with major players in the porn world as well as a wide array of printed sources, Ford details the controversial careers of such top stars as Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems, Traci Lords, Max Hardcore, and Ginger Lynn, among others. Ford reveals the great benefits and tragic consequences that sometimes result from the fame –and infamy –associated with porn. Ford also boldly tracks the producers and distributors behind the movies, from the once secret Mafia influences to the false claims of victimization by some porn stars.

Extensively researched and documented, A History of X provides a fascinating expose of a business few dare to touch.

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