Saturday, 21 September 2013


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1975, 184pp., hardbound,

[2013026] O'NEILL, Nena & George O'NEILL (1972). Open Marriage: a New Life Style for Couples, New York: M Evans and Co.,1972, 287pp., hardbound

[2012033] BELLEMEADE, Kaye. Swinging for Beginners: An Introduction to the Lifestyle, Revised edition, New Tradition Books, 2008,  paperback

[2013034] MUNCY, Raymond Lee. Sex and Marriage in Utopian Communities: 19th Century America, Bloomington and London: Indiana University Press, 1973, hardback, 275pp.

[2013035] WELLS, John Warren. Wide Open: The New Marriage, New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1973, paperback, 219pp.

[2013036] FRANCOEUR, Anna K. and Robert T, FRANCOEUR. Hot and Cool Sex: Cultures in Conflict, New York and London: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1974, hardback, xv+220pp.

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