Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Marty Klein: Sexual Intelligence

Join Dr. Marty Klein as he explores key issues in every therapist's practice.
Each hour is packed with practical ideas you can use immediately--
backed by solid theory and years of experience.
Don't want to attend live?
Learn at your convenience with recordings of the seminars.

September 9, 2013
noon-1pm PST
and via recording
Every week we see patients with health problems. They may not discuss the sexual implications of their conditions; are we?

Common health conditions impacting sexuality include chronic pain, limited range of motion, sleep problems, diabetes, hormone imbalances, depression, cancer, migraines, post-surgical and...  more/register

October 7, 2013
noon-1pm PST
and via recording
Existential issues are internal conflicts arising from the ongoing, ines­capable confrontation with the givens of human existence--isolation, powerlessness, responsibility, death, and the desire for meaning.

Most people defend themselves from fully acknowledging such realities. These defenses range...  more/register

November 4, 2013
noon-1pm PST
and via recording
For almost three decades, the sex addiction movement has been addressing fundamental human issues: lust, desire, guilt, fantasy, decision-making, and the relationship of love and sex.

The answers generated by this model, however, have important limitations....  more/register

$49 each, includes:
            * 1-hour seminar
            * 30 powerpoint slides
            * A recording of the class--listen on your schedule!
            * CE certificate (AASECT, MFT, LCSW)

Save 20%!
Register for all three for just $119

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