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Marty Klein: Sexual Intelligence
Issue #159--May 2013  

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Sexual Intelligence™.
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Sexual Intelligence
Sexual Intelligence

With engaging stories from his private practice, Marty shows how our ideas about sex - and ourselves - are more important than a perfect body or exotic techniques. 

Sexual Intelligence  offers a robust perspective that makes it impossible for people to fail at sex, because they don't aim for success.

"Read this book if you want to improve your sex life."
~ Psychology Today


Each month, Sexual Intelligence™  examines the sexual implications of current events, politics, technology, popular culture, and the media.

Dr. Marty Klein is a Certified Sex Therapist and sociologist with a special interest in public policy and sexuality. He has written 6 books, over 100 print articles, and has published 7 sets of training CDs. Each year he trains thousands of professionals in North America and abroad in clinical skills, human sexuality, and policy issues. 
In his interview with Sports Illustrated, Collins described why he came out: so he could be true to himself, stop lying to everyone, and live more authentically. That's what practically every gay person says when...

Southern Methodist University today unveiled the $250 million George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum. President Obama and former Presidents Bush, Carter, and Clinton... 

Why does spanking (or holding hands, or oral sex, or masturbation, or gentle love-making) make one person feel alive, while it makes another person feel dreadful?

And How to Help Them Get It

May 23, 2013
Noon-1pm PDT 
or via recording
What do most people say they want from sex? Some combination of pleasure and closeness. But that's not what they usually focus on during sex.

What do people focus on? The answer to that is the beginning of why and how people undermine their own sexuality, often reducing the enjoyable, frequent sex of their early years into something they eventually avoid. I'll discuss why our conventional wisdom on treating sexual problems often 
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May 10, 2013
New York, NY
Sexual Intelligence: Cybersex, Kinky Sex, Pornography, & "Sex Addiction"
Ackerman Institute

May 31, 2013
San Diego, CA
10 Things Humanists Need to Know About Sex
American Humanist Association Annual Conference

July 12, 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Junk Science, Moral Panics, Psychobabble, and Sex
The Amazing Meeting (TAM)

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