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10 Good Reasons Couples Don't Enjoy Sex-- 
And Innovative Ways To Help Them
April 29, 2013
Noon-1:00pm PDT
Power struggles. Narratives of failure. Normality anxiety. Inadequate initiation routines. 

These are just some of the reasons that couples don't enjoy sex. Our job is to see such dynamics, communicate about them in helpful ways, and then offer alternatives--all while helping couples feel safe and understood, and that we're not judging or taking sides.

Of course, couples don't come in complaining about things like "power struggles." They say they want better sex, more desire, less conflict. And sometimes they reject our initial interpretation of their situation--especially if it's accurate.

In this lively 1-hour teleseminar, we'll cover these issues and more. I'll discuss: 
  • Initiating--the transition from not-sex to sex; 
  • Assessing couples' sexual ecology, and how they can change it
  • Enhancing the emotional skills couples need to create satisfying sex
  • The limitations of sex therapy's current function/dysfunction model
  • Therapists' assumptions that can make things worse
  • Helping couples see the choices they don't realize they're making--and helping them make different choices. all, 10 good reasons that couples don't enjoy sex--and how you can help them. 

Sounds like a lot to cover in one hour? It is! By the end, you'll have better skills for addressing and resolving the reasons couples don't enjoy sex. Use those skills, and your therapy will be more effective. 

And as with every Marty Klein seminar, you'll be laughing while you learn. 

Cost: $49, which includes: 
  • One-hour seminar 
  • 30 powerpoint slides 
  • A recording of the entire seminar 
  • CE certificate (AASECT, California MFTs & LCSWs) 
  • Local call-in number (or you can use Skype) 
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Want to attend, but can't make it April 29? Sign up and use the recording to "attend" on our own schedule

Your 100% guarantee: Sign up and attend the seminar April 29. If after 15 minutes you don't find it valuable, hang up, send me an email, and you'll get a full refund.

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Teleseminar Series:
Spirituality, Sexuality & Erotic Wellness
April 22-26, 2013
4:00pm PDT
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One of my favorite colleagues is psychotherapist Bill O'Hanlon, author of 30 books and one of the world's greatest psychology teachers. 

I was delighted when he asked me to participate in his new series of thought-provoking--and, hopefully, life-changing conversations with our friend Alan Hutner, co-host of Transitions Radio Magazine.

Check out this lineup of expert guests:

Marty Klein:
Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want From Sex--And How To Get It 

Deborah Sundahl:
Deep Sexual Self-Acceptance, The G-Spot, & Female Ejaculation 

Kenneth Ray Stubbs:
Sexual Shamanism: The Healing Power of Erotic Energy 

Deborah Anapol:
Beyond Jealousy and Possessiveness in Intimate Relationships 

Bill O'Hanlon & Alan Hutner:
Gems from the Spirituality & Sexuality Series

This series is designed to reduce shame, increase pleasure, and enhance decision-making around sexuality. It's also a chance to expand our definitions of spirituality when it comes to sex, dismantling obsolete ideas that sex can't be hot and sacred at the same time. Each of these speakers knows pleasure. Listen to us, and you will, too. You can listen to the seminar by phone or over the web--FREE!

It all starts on April 22, and lasts the whole week. For more information and to register, click here
If you prefer, there's a paid version that allows you to download the recordings so you can keep them and listen anytime. You also get bonus sessions, transcripts and CE credits (for most professionals). For details, use the same link.

Just call me at 650/856-6533
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